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Very few people in the media ever make a critical examination of the the F&F plan.

Even if the agents had never lost track of the weapons, does anyone believe those weapons were going to end up on the mantle over the fireplace of a Mexican drug lord's mansion or something?

Did they think the head of an entire syndicate was going to take one of these straw-purchase weapons and start carrying it themselves?

Those weapons only ever would have circulated among the bottom few tiers of the organization between the people who use them - the workers, the people who transport and guard shipments, assassins, enforcers and the soldiers of the organization.

The operation NEVER made sense for the stated goal. Instead of scrutinizing the stated objective, the reporters just chalk it up to a few bad choices, a few bad decisions. " Mistakes were made", "the strategy was flawed."

Only the NRA keeps beating the drum, that it wasn't a flawed strategy - the real objective of F&F was different from the stated objective, and the tactics made sense in light of the real objective - building a case for lax U.S. gun laws being responsible for the high level of violence in Mexico.
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