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I measured some Lee 45 dies with carbide rings with pin gauges for the highest go gauge.
I don't know what they were called when I bought them.
Dies exist with me as a junk yard of die parts to be used like tinker toys.
I can see I drilled out the internal threads on one in 2003, so I could push 45acp brass all the way through and size all the way down across the web, so the brass would fit in a .469" rifle chamber. And prior to that I ground off the bottom of one with a diamond wheel to get the small ID carbide at the top closer to the shell holder.

Left to Right:
1) "HO" marked 0.470"
2) "K1" marked 0.466"
3) "C9" marked 0.467"
4) "HO" marked 0.465"
5) "B1" marked 0.465"

4) and 5) were marked differently, but are the same.
1) and 4) were marked the same, but are very different
2) has a threaded carbide ring that can be removed. I don't think Lee makes this any more.
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