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Remington also makes a 20" rifle sighted barrel that is threaded for choke tubes. It makes a very versatile gun. You can get a tube that has a short section of rifling, how well it works is a big question. My brother has one and with a full choke tube and the rifle sights it makes a great turkey barrel. He keeps the IC tube in it the rest of the year where it serves home defense purposes.

I have the same barrel you are considering with a fixed IC choke. Not as versatile as my brothers, but it isn't bad. With bird shot it shoots patterns as good as any longer barreled IC gun. Swinging is a bit tough, but in an emergency can be made to work. Buckshot patterns are useable out to 35 yards or so and I can keep 3 slugs inside of 4" at 100 yards.

I really like the 20" barrels with sights better than the shorter barrels with a cylinder bore and a bead. I'll never notice the extra 1.5" of length,and they are much more versatile in my opinion.
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