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Thanks for the replies.I actually went to the range yesterday and shot 5 of each at 6.5 and 6.8 grns power pistol and they seemed very hot compared to the castloads i was i came away not knowing what going to do.Thanks for the velocity #s.they seemed to be going faster than figures you gave because recoil was quite significant. My purpose for this load was to have a good load to have when i carry it out in woods with me.considering these and some 200grn trun cone bullets.loaded the tc 200 over 6grn unique that shot good yesterday.power pistol sure brings out the performance but been finding data on loads all over the place.thanks for info again as gets me in a safe load area that i can get the performance and not be hard on my gun next to check out the accuracy of the loads.side note at the range was a older guy that was shooting his 1911 @ a target at 100yds and was doing pretty good.yeh i thought that was great.GSPMAN
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