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Looks like she had a good time with it!
Just remember to have her stand leaning forward a bit with her weight centered on the left leg over the slightly bent left knee.
That will give her much better control over the gun's recoil forces and allow her to pound the target that much better.
I always make new FA shooters understand and assume that stance before I load the gun in their hands.

That also looks to be a slow fire kit on the MAC?
Mine is just the standard bullet hose although I made a more comfortable stock out of a wood FAL stock.

I understand your feelings on using your reloads in a friend's gun. Just one less complication should a problem arise. Only my few best friends shoot any of their reloads through my guns.

LOLs on David's analogy. My living room will not be featured in next months - or any other months - issue of Better Homes and Gardens!

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