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How do I break it to the wife? Bought two guns instead of one. . . .

I've been a shadow for a long time now on the forums. Finally ponied up and joined because I have problem that I hope a few members may have some experience with.

I've been a quiet, closet-gun-enthusiast for some time now. Never owned a gun before (I'm 27) mostly because of interests in other things, and raising two kids (3yr.old son, and 1 yr.old daughter)

Well the itch finally became too much to ignore, and after what seemed like an endless amount of research, I finally decided to start off my own collection with a moderately priced Mosin Nagant 91/30. It had everything I was looking for: probably the most bang for the buck, semi-large caliber, dirt cheap, cheap ammo, bolt action rifle with irons that could possibly have some sort of optic attached later on.

My wife knew I've been thinking about getting some kind of firearm for about six months now. We've been married for over 7 years, and with the way things work in our marriage, any kind of large purchase (a rifle counts as a large purchase, not to mention she thinks she's gun-shy) usually has to be mulled over for a long period of time. We'll fight, argue, debate, agree, and disagree until either one of us gets our way. It's about 50/50 for both of us, on victories.

So, she finally gives her CONSENT and luckily I had already been eyeing a very nice 1932 hex'ed one for a great price. It was in EXCELLENT condition. I was really wanting this one, because I had already lost two others while both of us were in 'debate mode'. I set up the arrangements/details with the guy, who lives across country, and went to my local FFL to get the paperwork started.

This is where my trouble began....

As he was going over the details, this other little pearl of a gem, under the glass counter, glimmered ever so carefully in my peripheral vision. After further inspection, I confirmed that it WAS in fact a brand new Glock 17LE Gen 4 for about $423 dollars and came with 3 mags.

The bad thing is, this was going to be my NEXT purchase after I became intimate with the Mosin. And I KNEW that this G17, while not exactly an expensive gun, was DEFINITELY worth that $423 price tag (some background info: it was offered through the store's Blue-Label program; I'm in the military, and this exchange was an official Glock retailer or something like that).

To shorten what's already turned into a long story, I bought the pistol on the spot, without pause, and even now, without regret.

I now have it tucked away in my garage trying to figure out the next step. Money isn't a huge issue here. I'm attached to a unique unit where I go on a lot (alot!) of trips. As with most expensive things that I own, I finance them with trip money (per diem) instead of my take-home pay. I think the biggest problem would be her flipping out about a pistol in the house, with no prior discussion. Her also being gun-shy doesn't help when it comes to a pistol. I think she has it in her mind that my 3 yr. old can load an empty magazine with rounds, and make a condition 2/1/0(?) weapon even with the pistol stowed away properly.

What do you guys think?

p.s. Yeah I prolly goofed so I don't need any trolling there. I'm seeking advice purely for damage control purposes; Anecdotes would be amazing.

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