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357 dilemma...opinions please.

Hi guys. Got a question for you. A shop near me has two as-new-in-box revolvers, both are chambered in 357 and both have 4" barrels. I can only afford one.

Whichever one I get, it will be primarily a recreational shooter. Not a safe queen collector edition. And it will probably see between 1500--2000 mid-level loads per year. No hot stuff. I save that for my old GP-100.

So, here goes:

Revolver #1 is a Smith & Wesson Model 19-7. Looks unfired. Comes with box and papers. Seller wants $700.

Revolver #2 is a Colt Trooper MK-III. Also looks unfired. Comes with box and papers. Seller is asking $900.

As both guns are discontinued models I know I should probably leave them for a real collector to buy and squirrel away somewhere, but I want to shoot them.

Assuming price is not a factor, which one would you prefer?

Thanks for sharing your opinions.
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