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The lee FCD taper crimp did not do a good heavy crimp. It's SUPPOSED to do a roll crimp.
So...what you're saying is, the "taper crimp" die, didn't "do a roll crimp"? Say it ain't so. Maybe you should be "more specific".

A cheaper alternative to any maker's dedicated crimp die is to simply acquire an extra seat/crimp die and pull the seating stem out. (Sometimes you can acquire a tool steel die set for next to nothing and just leave the sizing and belling dies in the box.)
I've suggested the same thing. The Lee seating die bodies can be bought separately from Lee. They aren't that expensive at all.

FWIW, I'm sorry I may have confused some of you by mentioning other companies making separate crimping dies and not pointing out the absence of a carbide sizing ring. I was referring to the process of using a dedicated crimping die, in a separate step, rather that the actual construction of the die.
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