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Originally Posted by snuffy
I bought a 4 die 44 mag lee die set. It, of course, had a FCD. I made some jacketed ammo that I wanted a good heavy crimp on. The lee FCD taper crimp did not do a good heavy crimp. It's SUPPOSED to do a roll crimp. After reading about the Redding profile crimp die, I ordered one. WOW! It works superb! I'm really considering getting one for everything I load, handgun that is.
Are you certain the Lee FCD is machined to do a TAPER crimp?

If so, I would call Lee and insist they send you the correct FCD. For a rimmed straight-walled case it is supposed to be a ROLL crimp die (as you said) and Lee Precision knows that.

I am sure they would make it right.

A cheaper alternative to any maker's dedicated crimp die is to simply acquire an extra seat/crimp die and pull the seating stem out. (Sometimes you can acquire a tool steel die set for next to nothing and just leave the sizing and belling dies in the box.)

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