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" OAL/COL/COAL is bullet and firearm specific, not manual specific. You need to find the OAL/COL/COAL that fits-feeds-fires in YOUR pistol. Then start low and work up. After all, if it doesn't fit-feed-fire there is no need to worry about pressure is there"

And THAT'S the truth!

Book OAL is what the bookmakers used to develop their data in THEIR firearm - it's interesting to some I suppose but book OAL is no more a law for anyone else than the book maker's powder charges are!

I've been reloading for pushing 50 years now and have never taken a book OAL into account for anything I've ever loaded for; I just find and use the proper OAL for myself and what I'm working with. If we are to be slaves to book data we may as well use factory ammo, the stuff totally made by real 'experts' you know? When I started, few manual makers listed any OAL at all. Then some began listing their OALs, just to help, and I believe it's caused much more angst than help! I've read of guys who couldn't find some specific bullet listed and just had no idea of where/how to seat them or what powder charges they should use! Goodness.

Case length is case length, there's no "over all case length" about it. The term OAL/COAL is for the cartridge, ie, the case and seated bullet and nothing more. Or less.

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