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We regularly powder coat firearms parts. Yes, it's a great finish as long as certain limitations are understood and precautions taken. It will not work for close tolerance moving parts. It is a stone cold b*t*c to remove after it's cured if it gets messed up. It does not do well on parts that get really hot. The color changes. It will blur serial numbers or other engraving. Handling it after the powder is applied but before it's cured is stressful. A fly going by to close will mess it up. Moving parts are a no-no!

On the plus side, it's a very durable finish. It's not as chemically resistant as our regular Tuff-Gun 1 finish but we fix that by applying our TG-1 finish over the powder coated finish. That combination makes it 100% non reactive to chlorine, salt, boiling salt water, sweat, tears, blood, battery acid, etc.

It's not easy to apply but is very durable once it's finished. We use it for slow firing long gun barrels (no high heat build up), bipods, bolt handles, etc. Parts that don;t move a lot or get really hot.

Yes, I tried it on a hand gun one time. ONE TIME but never again! It's a very tiny grain powder that comes out of the nozzle like smoke and then "wraps" around the part that's charged. It goes into all of the holes, cut outs, etc. It's impossible to mask off all of the small openings in a handgun frame to keep it out of the insides. It will make internals bind, stick, etc. Keep yer powder dry, Mac. (No pun inteneded. That's my signature!)
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