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CZ527m + Leupold = bad!

Okay so on my new CZ527m carbine in <Edit> 7.62 x 39 </Edit> I tried the Ultra Slam <Edit> 2-7 x 32mm </Edit> which I didn't even get a shot off. I put it on the bench and bore sighted it only to find the center red dot of the target at 100 yards was a double image. Moving my head to the side slightly the two came together into one dot but the sight picture was off axis and blinding out. So I took it back and swapped it for another this time the 3-9 x 40. Same problem. I took it back and got a refund... except for 60 bucks I paid for the CZ rings!! Anyone else had this luck with Leupold scopes? First time I ever bought Leupold... and last. I have scopes half the cost and way better/clearer... more stable.

I'm just going to put a peep on this CZ instead... just as intended.

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