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Figure it out?

I suppose that in a while I would figure it out, but I would like some
answers now, please.
To explalin: I just brought 3oo spend brass (Winchester) for the 7.62x 54R
and a new Lee Handloader, same caliber, for $20.00 dollars at a flea market. Now, however, I'm haveing second thoughts about the Handloader. Putting aside, for the moment that there is a quicker way to reload. I seem to recall, now, that the Handloader takes a shell that was shot in a certain rifle or revolver and sizes the neck of the shell only, thus making it compartable only to the weapeon it was first shot in........ and..does not full size the shell! Do I have to buy a full sizeing die, load and shoot the 300 spend brass in my rifle before I can use use the Lee Handloader?
Not answering my only question, but thinking about it some more.
That is probably why it was setting there for such a great price......" Ah, yes, one born every day". Even so, it was a good price, I just want to be able to use it.
Well, I have babbled on enough........TFL...... Thanks in advance for any
and all replys.
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