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I don't understand....
Are both of you completely unaware of the fact that some of those companies DO make separate crimp dies?
Redding "Profile Crimp" dies, in particular, are great. And, Redding has been making them for quite some time....
Snuffy, Lyman, Hornady, and Redding all make dedicated crimping dies.
Yes they do, but they do NOT have a carbide post-sizing ring in them. If you want to be specific, then include ALL the features of a FCD.

I bought a 4 die 44 mag lee die set. It, of course, had a FCD. I made some jacketed ammo that I wanted a good heavy crimp on. The lee FCD taper crimp did not do a good heavy crimp. It's SUPPOSED to do a roll crimp. After reading about the Redding profile crimp die, I ordered one. WOW! It works superb! I'm really considering getting one for everything I load, handgun that is.
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