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We'll know the idea is catching on when Lyman, Hornady, and Redding start making separate crimping dies.
The reason they don't is they didn't think of it and lee did! Same goes for the many other things that lee has done that the others wish they had thought of. Like the collet neck sizing die, the auto disk powder measure, lee molds and melters, all less money that the other companies. It most likely is a patent matter, it most certainly IS a matter of they couldn't make it as cheaply, so we wouldn't buy it!
I don't understand....
Are both of you completely unaware of the fact that some of those companies DO make separate crimp dies?
Redding "Profile Crimp" dies, in particular, are great. And, Redding has been making them for quite some time....

I must say... I've never seen a Profile Crimp user complain that they had bulged ammo they couldn't chamber, either. It supports the case, rather than sizing it, ruining neck tension, and reducing bullet diameter.

I really can't believe this thread made it past page 2.
I figured the Trauma team would have been prepping for organ donation by now.
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