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We laugh when we go over the IDPA stages, as the reasonable first response for most is to run for your life. You probably shouldn't advance against multiple BGs.

Or you hear your boss being killed in the office - oh, I think I'll go save him from 6 armed guys.

But it is fun and some reasonable trigger time. We recently had an argument on a stage about reloading from cover. I shoot from the open on the move and then have to reload. From where I'm standing I can get behind two barricades and a large barrel set and reload while advanced to those props. I get a penalty for reloading on the move - even though I'm covered. I should have come to the props and then reload. Silly, SO and match director took off the penalty after the usual arm waving (all friendly). They said it was a gray area and the new rules update hopefully will clarify for reasonableness - but they don't know.
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