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Yes I dont know if theyre really right on with rules or not but about 7 yards is farthest they were. We live in Buffalo, Tx so I do need to see. But yes one day I may join and see if I can get things going alittle different direction. Sometimes you know how these little towns can be too. We've done it this way for ever how long and will continue to do it this way". I know the guy who runs it and is a aquantice of mine and a reloader as well. But the main thing is YES they are atleast doing some kind of training more than prob about 85 % of gun owners. Like I said I shoot in my yard almost daily and have rifle and pistol ranges set up. I usually just make the 8 mile drive to the range about every month or so just to shoot somewhere different and to look for brass (even though I dont need it). But thanks guys I was really wanting to know if thats the furtherest they ever shot. One day I may play with them and see where this goes.
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