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I run the USPSA practical pistol program at a small local range. Been shooting
USPSA since 2001, and it is a blast!

We are an affiliated club, run under USPSA rules, pay our monthly fees to

Typically we have 6 stages, with a mix of paper and steel targets. Range
is "in your face" to about 30 yds (our deepest bay). Steel is engaged no
closer than 7-8 yds, per the rulebook. Match fee is $17, which is typical
in this area for a club match.

Scoring in USPSA is total points divided by time. That generates what
is called a "hit factor". It's also weighted by whether you are shooting
minor or major power ammunition--major scores higher on the B,C and
D zones on the targets.

4 or 5 guys setting up some targets of a Sunday and shooting? Sounds
like a bunch of guys playing around with doing something sort of like
what they saw on TV---in a really simple way. You can go to the USPSA
website and see if they are an affiliated club. If they are an affiliated
club, you might want to give them a little support--it's a volunteer
organization, you could probably design some stages to do what you want.

The "club finder" function will also tell you where there are other matches in your area.

It looks simple. But it's points per second---and believe me, you
can go too fast and actually MISS those 5 yd targets
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