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There are a lot of accurate long barrel pistols for hunting, but most of them are essentially made for a rest.
When you say "pistols"... are you talking about large caliber semi-automatic pistols, such as the Desert Eagle, or are you using "pistol" in a more generic, revolver inclusive concept? You're being a little vague there Moyer.

Loaded and scoped Desert Eagles balance nicely... if a semi-auto is what you mean. Many high power DA/SA revolvers have a part or full length underlug to aid in muzzle flip/recoil control. If you think these FLU guns are too muzzle heavy, maybe you should shoot a few with minimal underlugs... like a 6.5" or longer Ruger Super Redhawk or S&W 329, 629, 500 (#170299), for example.

Some revolvers mount the scope above the frame/cylinder, some more forward on the barrel. Aluminum bodied scopes (and certainly not red dots) don't weigh much, so I doubt the placement will have too dramatic an effect on balance.

Can't comment on T/Cs... haven't owned one in 20 years.

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