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USPSA or ?

at our local range theres about 4-5 guys do some sort of pistol competition. Yall prob know what kind im talking about. They meet first Sunday of every month. They'll put up targets and run the course. Its timed and you calculate your time with where you hit target. I just watched and told them maybe later and Im sure its fun and alittle harder than it looks. But what gets me is the targets are about 5 yards in front of them. C'mon- targets look like they may get paper burned to me. I watched whole match but still in my yard I practice alot different and my way of thinking I get better results than this. The only thing is Im always alone and dont have the comradare and make new friends who share my same interest but how do yall feel? I would like to see targets from 3- 25 yards, buth still and moving, ready position, holstered gun and on a table. Moving targets and free standing and a 12" gong out at about 75 yards or so. ps- their compoetition is with handguns only just to let ya know.
And Im sure they do have competitions like I desribe but were lucky to have what we got in this area. (very small town) what we do have is guys shooting at 5 yards away basically. Im sure it helps but if this is all you practice????
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