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Just curious......

Using the only load data that I had (the picture scan I saved from a previous thread I mentioned earlier) I set OAL as close to 1.105" as I could. That was the COL listed on that page for Hornady 115 FMJ RN. 1.05" with medium charge of 4.7gr of 231 powder, just to be safe.

After loading and checking all the rounds I just made I forgot that I had some WWB factory loads. These are also 115gr FMJ RN bullets. These mic out at a OAL of 1.160"

.055" OAL seems like an unusually large difference in OAL for bullets that supposed to be simular. I know the the FMJ RN bullets that are used in the WWB's may be slightly different, but .055" is alarming to me.

Now I don't know if I can shoot the 50 shells I just made. Can anyone verify if 1.105 OAL is right?
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