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Take it however you wish. If it offends you, fine, you have 2 choices, to stay offended or get over it, neither makes me any difference.
No it doesn't offend me. It just boggles my mind how you keep saying you see other uses for the FCD but if people would adjust their dies right they wouldn't need it. Well if there are other uses for it then wouldn't they need it for that other use even though their die are adjusted right? Just like a powder cop die, if you look in every case before you set the bullet on then you don't need it either. In fact I saw a thred last week from a guy that had a lock out die malfunction and he was getting cases with no powder and the lock out die didn't catch them. Yes it was set up right.

BTW, Who's talking down to who? Better check the mirror.
Sorry if I offended you with that. I don't see where I'm telling you I know how to do something right and you don't. I'm really not trying to make an enemy out of you. I guess we will just have to agree to disagree.
I don't ever remember being absent minded.
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