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I have loaded about 35,000 rounds through my L&L and have found that the most critical issue for me is the depriming/repriming steps. Priming can become dicy not only because of issues with the press, but also variations of different cases. Also, sometimes a case will not get primed, and if you try to load it you get powder leaking everywhere; also occasionally, a primer does not get pressed all the way into the case, and you get either a press lockup or a load with a high primer. I deprime-resize/reprime every case as a separate step, then inspect every case.

The solution that has worked well for me is to process all loads in 2 press steps. #1 is deprime/resize....reprime, then al a later time reload the primed cases.

When I reload the primed cases die #1 is a case mouth expander die, #2 is the auto powder drop, #3 is "powder cop" die which makes sure that there is neither a uncharged case or a double charged case, #4 is a bullet seating die and #5 is a factory crimp die. By using specialized dies for each step I get more consistant product. The goal is to produce boring consistant ammo that looks the same and fires the same....every duds,,,,no kabooms!!!!!

This system provides me with consistant high qualty ammo. It might take a little longer, but I schedule my reloading sessions to times when I cand sit and relax and enjoy the process. It is a great thing to do during the winter. As I sit now I have 8000 primed 9mm caes ready to load. This will last me through all of 2013.

Best regards

Bob H
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