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Aside. Moderators, if this is offensive, I will remove immediately amd apologize.


I would like to talk to you about your conversation with CrustyFN. (post 61, 70 and 71)

Crusty appears to me to have taken exception to one of your sentences.

"If those of you have not been able to adjust your dies to accept rounds reloaded by you and you feel the need of an additional step to accomodate your handguns, HEY, GO FOR IT."

It may be hypersensitive to take your phrasing as a subtle insult, but I see it as very easy to infer that you are saying that anyone who "GOES FOR IT" is a loader who "has not been able to adjust" their dies.

Telling someone they do not know how to adjust their dies may be insulting or may be kind. Pretending you don't know that either interpretaion is likely is naive at best.

If you truly did not realize how insulting your post could be, I apologize for misinterpreting your intent and hope you will forgive me for addressing this in the forum rather than in a P.M. But I don't think you are so obtuse.

Lost Sheep

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