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I gotta be fair

Originally Posted by EmptyHull
I use the FCD for everything I reload. Tim
I am a fan of much of the Lee equipment and quite often call to the carpet those who denigrate the Lee FCD, but in the interest of 1) symmetry and 2) disclosure, I have to ask you for clarifying, facts that support your opinion.

What cartridges (chamberings) do you reload?

Do all those cartridges you load really need the FCD?

And I must point out that a statement without details is virtually worthless to anyone trying to educate themselves (or willing to open their mind to change).

I don't let FCD detractors get away with it, and I will ask you for your reasoning just as quickly.

Besides, I like the FCD concept (both parts, separating the crimping from the seating all the time and the post sizing function sometimes) and I want to know why you do, too, in case I have missed some good arguments.

Thanks. Looking forward to your response.

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