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Which, unfortunately, means that you are sitting on a possible felony charge.
I really have to disagree here. The gun has a serial number where it matters, which is on the frame.

Prior to 1968, many guns were not serialized. Though this one has a prior serial number that was likely removed, it was re-serialized by somebody. Folks don't usually stamp serial numbers on guns because they're just bored. That could be the marking of an importer, a refinishing shop, or a reseller.

For example, I have a Remington Rand slide on an Essex frame. The serial numbers don't match, but the one that matters is the one Essex put on it when they made the frame.

I also have an old beater Luger on which the original serial number was obliterated, but it has the one the importer put on. That's how the gun is tracked, so the obliteration of the original shouldn't be an issue.

We're not talking about a Glock 19 here. We're talking about a gun from World War II. It's expected to have seen some changes.

The 5th and 9th Circuit courts have ruled that "obliteration" of the serial number for criminal purposes entails attempting to deceive or prevent identification. That hasn't happened here. The gun has a serial number, by which it can be identified.
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