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It looks like your lot of IMR4064 is almost 4% slower than the one used for the numbers in the QL database. It's possible for that to happen, as the specs allow a 6% span in burn rate (±3%). Based on the actual velocity you got with your lot, it looks like the load would need to be adjusted up to 35.0 grains for your lot to hit the target barrel time. Still under the maximums listed by Hodgdon, which, with your bullet, would be around 36.6 or 36.7 grains, interpolating their 52 and 55 grain bullet data to 53 grains.

It looks like your Varget load would come down to 34.8 grains to match the 2230 load barrel time. The velocity then drops to 3527 fps, though. Varget
burns early and isn't a velocity powder normally.

Anyway, a couple more things to try.
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