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Questions about s/n on my FN Browning 1922 (imperfection?)

So, I'm curious about my Belgian FN Browning's serial number [pictures attached], first things first. It does not have the waa nazi marking. There is what appears to be a lion and a P.V stamped under that. Ive already gone through the troubles of trying to date it via searches through other sites. But now that I have been staring at the serial number at the end of the barrel and on the frame it almost appears to have an S at the end. So really Im curious if there is any relevance or maybe it is an imperfection that just so happened to occur twice on stamping this gun? It is definitely a different font then the rest of the digits. If someone could help point me in the right direction of determining whether my serial number is 2XXXS OR 2XXX5 it would be greatly appreciated.



Here is a picture of the gun full frame if it helps figuring out what variation etc
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