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Originally Posted by ammorelds
just wondering if what to watch out for or if it is worth doing
I've used the services of American Powder Coating here in WA. for a number of years with tools... motorcycle, automobile and gun parts.
When I provide parts, I've already disassembled everything, marked it and ID'd or masked surfaces that I did not want coated. In those several years, I've never had a problem.

If you want to powder coat firearms, you need to either have a very good understanding of firearms... how to disassemble and assemble them, what the wear and contact points are etc etc, or you need to do individual parts only... and still need to be well aware of component parts contact points.

Originally Posted by Coach Z
I'd be worried about the heat affecting the metal of the gun in addition to all the concerns posted above.
Also if it's more then a one off I believe you have to get an FFL because you are doing business working on guns.
There are some very high temperature powder coatings. On the second item, I do believe you are correct.

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