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I think what offends people is the way you talk down to them. You are so great because you know how to adjust dies. Everybody that uses a FCD doesn't know how to adjust their dies and doesn't have the ability to reload and are beneith you. Me and a few other people already told you our dies are adjusted right and the FCD doesn't fix our ammo, we use it for other reasons.
Take it however you wish. If it offends you, fine, you have 2 choices, to stay offended or get over it, neither makes me any difference.

To me your dies may be adjusted correctly, then again they may not, I personally have no idea as I am not there. You claim you use the FCD for "OTHER" reasons, fine, as I've now written a number of times go for it.

You are so great because you know how to adjust dies.
No, I'm so great because I have no problems, life is good!

Obviously you just don't get it because you just keep going back to die adjustment.
OH! but obviously I do "get it". If you get your jollies from using it, once again, go for it.

BTW, Who's talking down to who? Better check the mirror.
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