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The often used thought pattern of the general gun carrier. Competition is not training for a gun fight?

OK, but you can not practice a gun fight! So what can you practice, what component can help?
In my case a variety of experiences from having to learn to street fight when I was 12 to football to wrestling to boxing to handgun hunting small game and deer with a revolver and a pistol. Various types of competition from bullseye to International to PPC to being a trainer for police departments. Being permanent Shore Patrol meant going into places the beat patrolmen didn't go and you are keyed up pretty tight. It all adds up to life experience and will express itself when needed.

The last time I had to draw and shoot my gun in a hurry was when I was attacked by a feral dog and I had just broken my right wrist the day before. I drew and shot left handed and made the kill before I consciously thought about it. Range time doesn't account for that except I habitually include a few minutes of weak handed shooting in every session. Fight reflex had more to do with it and if you have never been in a fight it might not be there. Then again you might surprise yourself.

There are those who run to a fire to fight it and those who run from the fire to safety and the large number who stand and look at the fire in awe and are extremely useless unless trained to respond. If you are one who grabs a fire extinguisher and runs to the fire you will do fine.
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