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OK I'll change my statemewnt. I find No use for the FCD in any of my 40 some handguns or calibers that I reload in. My 50 plus years of experience being of no consequense.

If those of you have not been able to adjust your dies to accept rounds reloaded by you and you feel the need of an additional step to accomadate your handguns, HEY, GO FOR IT.

If this offends you, and your reloading ability, thats life. Just relating my personal experience.
I think what offends people is the way you talk down to them. You are so great because you know how to adjust dies. Everybody that uses a FCD doesn't know how to adjust their dies and doesn't have the ability to reload and are beneith you. Me and a few other people already told you our dies are adjusted right and the FCD doesn't fix our ammo, we use it for other reasons. Obviously you just don't get it because you just keep going back to die adjustment.
I don't ever remember being absent minded.
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