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Originally Posted by BillM
Montana Golds will generally take .1-.2 gr more than othere bullets
to get to the same velocity. Might have something to do with that
shiny jacket material.

OAL. I load 1.140 in my G35, but with some bullets I have to go a bit
shorter to get them to feed reliably. I've gone as short as 1.060 on
some steep angled 180's, but that was on a minor load for Production.

Stock barrel? You are pushing it with the titegroup, but it should be
OK at 170 PF or so. Watch for pressure signs.

I've pretty much quit titegroup. Solo 1000 is softer and much cleaner, especially with lead bullets.
I'm running a stock barrel. I'm not wanting to go above 170 PF. 165-167 PF is fine for me. I just want to barely make major. I inspected the cases from today and didn't see any signs of over pressure.
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