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Originally Posted by Nathan
Does this OAL feed? If so, maybe stay with it. If not, shorter feeds faster and longer feeds slower. Nominal to me is 1.125".

After picking an OAL which feeds with a mid charge weight, then I would split the range into like 5 loads and try them for accuracy. I test 40 at 15 yds.

Sorry, but answering your question really isn't possible by my way of thinking...

FWIW, I like Titegroup, Longshot and AA#5 in 40. AA#5 is probably my favorite, but Longshot is faster.
That OAL fed fine, though I only fired 20 rounds so that's not really a very good sample size.

If I didn't care about power factor, I'd be working up this load like you would. I load other cartridges for general plinking and accuracy, but this load is so I can make major power factor in USPSA. Once I work this load up to 925-930 fps I'll test for accuracy and if it's not acceptable then, well, I'm not sure what I'll do. I suspect it will be accurate enough for what I want this load to do, though.
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