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Seems like this has been beat to death, some see value some don't... No different the nything else I guess. Fwiw I have 6 45s, I reload the same ammo for all of them and for a few friends who have 45s. 5 of the 6 have barrels from high end barrel makers, nowlin, kart, Wilson... I load probably one of the most difficult bullets to feed for a 45, 250 gr lead flat nose. I don't use a fcd and I have no problems in any of these guns. My brass is all range brass. I use a dillon 550 and dillon dies.
Thats not actualy saying much. You have to keep in mind that .45 ACP is a pretty low pressure round, lower than any other autoloader round I know of, so .45 brass doesnt get bent out of shape nearly as much as with high pressure rounds like 9mm or .40 S&W.... The shape of the bullet is not the issue here, nor is it die adjustment. Its simply brass fired in too big chambers at high pressure that doesnt want to size back down completly like it should, regardless of the brand of dies or how much the press cost.
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