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Dos centavos from an old dinosaur. When I was a puppy I shot long range with iron sights and only used a spotting scope at rifle matches to score. Time passed and my long range days were over but i found a fixed power 4x handled everything I was going to shoot at in Wisconsin, absolute maximum distance 200 yards, 60 -100 was more likely.

Then I fell, broke my arm and the gun and lost the scope somewhere. When I got back into it I found and tried a variety of scopes from a fixed 10x50 to 2.5X 30, Still on my shotgun). I discovered it didn't seem to matter if the tip end of my scale was a 9 or a 12 or something else by the time I got the scope where I wanted it I was on 6X. 22Lr shooting 200 yards or 300 Wby shooting 300 yards it just seemed 6x was right for me.

Your mileage may vary but you will end up with more than one scope, we all do but I think you will find a clear target at a specific setting beats the day lights out of a wiggly target at a high setting. (I can do 10x but not 12x) I am sure if I was back in the desert of New Mexico chasing pronghorns I might want to rethink that but probably not. My comfort zone has gone from 1000 yards to 600 yards and my skill level is good out to 300 yards for those tack driver contests. Borrow first and try before you buy and get what you need. No use buying a $500 2.5-25X42 scope if a $100 fixed power 6X40 will work for you.
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