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When I bought my 220 Swift, it came with a 10 power scope mounted on it (Lyman or Unertl, I just can't remember). It was an excellent scope, but a fixed 10 power was just too much magnification for a lot of the varmint shots I was taking, or trying to take. Today that rifle has the 6.5-20 Leupold. Probably I'd be just as happy with a 4-16 of similar quality, but I'm not going with a fixed power scope again. Mostly I'm on the edge of fields varmint hunting when I have that rifle, and the shots could be 60 yards to 500 yards. I shoot on 8 power generally, but I did shoot a coyote last year with the scope on 20 power. He was a fairly long way off, and I managed to hold the sight picture when the rifle went off, and was watching the coyote's expression when the bullet got there. Bottom line is that a fixed power scope will do, but with today's technology, why would anyone really want a fixed power scope to hunt with. It may be lighter, simpler, and cheaper, and that can be an attraction, but fixed power is, in a way, limiting. Note that I'm talking about hunting and not about target shooting.
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