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Shot 3 loads today 34 gr of aa2230, 36 gr varget and 34.2 gr of imr 4064

35560 fps
Sd 65
Es 149

If I decide to stay with this load I'll be looking to go to magnum primers. That es is crazy. It was late in the day and lighting was getting dim, It could have been a bad reading on the chrono.

3640 fps
Sd 20
Es 49

Not great but the groups were very consistent, 10 shots into .58

3459 fps
Sd 24
Es 54

Group was ok till I had a flyer. 4 shots into.7 last shot was the highest velocity at 3488 and hit high on the target opening up the group to 1"

Ill probably stick with the varget, the groups have been very consistent. I'm going to work on some seating depth and see if I can get the sd and es downwind tighten up the groups.
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