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After breaking in, my 22/45 hasn't had one malfunction for the last several thousand rounds. Niether has my 10/22. I often put 400 + rds. down the pipe with the 22/45 in a single session,... and still no MF!

I use bulk CCI Blazers, and the occasional supply of Minimags.

I don't buy the cheapest bulk such as dirty loose Remingtons, and I clean my .22s after every session.

With that being said, I too have heard from many that the .22lr is prone to duds and malfunctions.

I've been criticised as just being lucky, but I attribute majority of it to picking ammo above par of the cheapest and fully upkeeping my firearms.

CCI works and I haven't got a dud from any ammo I used manufactured by them so far,..- and I would guess this to be around 15 k worth of ammo.

I've gotten duds with remington, federal bulk, and some Aguila powderless colibri ammo.

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