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If the local office id thrown under the proverbial bus for carrying out an operation that originated up the line, then we might expect the information flow from those local agents top significantly increase.
Fast and Furious originated with the Phoenix office of the BATFE: The Phoenix office of the BATFE sold the plan to the US prosecutor for AZ and, presumably, up the line to their superiors.

See Memorandum, US Congressman Issa, dated 3 May, 2012:

The ATF Phoenix Field Division began Operation Fast and Furious in the fall of 2009 after suspicious weapons purchases led agents to the discovery of an apparent Phoenix-based arms trafficking syndicate. Having been encouraged to devise grander strategies to stop the transfers of weapons to Mexican drug cartels, the Phoenix based agents devised a strategy that went beyond simple arrests or weapons confiscations. They would allow the U.S.-based associates of a Mexican drug cartel to continue acquiring firearms uninterrupted. In doing so, they hoped the weapons, after they were recovered at crime scenes in Mexico, could be traced and linked to cartel operatives including possible high-level financiers, suppliers, and possibly even king-pins.
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