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However, lately I have loaded some rounds with Lead projectiles and I have had alot of failure to chamber. They get stuck in the process and im trying to figure out why. I have a suspicion they might be too long or the lead tips' wax might be binding up with the feed ramp or something. Is there anyone out there that can give me some solid advice on how to remedy this situation?
Two things I've run into, both related to seating depth:

Seat too low, and cartridges might hang up on feeding. I speculate that the case mouth is scraping on the inside of the chamber.

Seat too high, and the bullet impinges on the rifling before the cartridge is fully seated. The gun does not go into battery, or does so only with a rap on the back of the slide.

What I try for now is to seat with a bit of the lead shoulder of the bullet above the cartridge rim.
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