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Well, it's clear to me that this is anything but clear. As I said, a scope is still a little ways into the future for me so all the insight is helpful as I consider my options.

A point of clarification with regards to the gentleman I mentioned. He did say that his goal was to hit a human, not "drive a tack at 1,000 yards." (Paraphrasing.) And in comparison to hunting deer or elk, he made the point that even hitting a guy in the hand will put him out of the fight. Perhaps not as ideal as a direct, center mass hit, but it'll prevent the bad guy from returning fire effectively. As with everything, I guess your purpose and parameters in which you're shooting really drives the decision.

I suppose with the mirage issue, even if you have a higher-powered scope, leaving it at a lower setting would negate this issue. No?

As to quality of scopes, in a similar price point, will you generally get a better quality scope with a smaller range, e.g. 3-9x, than you would with a larger range, e.g. 8-32x?

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