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Just my opinion,but there are trade offs for everything.

And,IMO,in choosing a scope,I look at "What do I gain?What do I give up?"

Many rifles,including hunting rifles,are used within 300 yds of the vehicle,and not carried more than 1/2 mile a day.

For many,the point is shooting a group a fraction of an inch smaller,or,maybe a prairie dog at a measured true 600 yds.

Whatever works.If you liike a big scope,enjoy.

IMO,weight and bulk that is carried in my hands is weight and bulk I pay the highest price for.They have a lot of uphill here in Colorado.I appreciate light,compact,easy carrying rifles.

With the scope on it,my .257 AI,built on a Mexican Mauser with a Douglas fwt bbl,weighs 7 lbs total.It has a fixed power 6x 42 mm Leupold on it.

Interestingly,the standard Duplex is one Mil from center crosshair to duplex tip.That is useful for rough range estimation.It also works out that with a 300 yd zero,the upper duplex tip is dead on at 100 yds,and the lower is on at about 430 yds(115 gr Nosler BT,3050 fps,5000 ft altitude,numbers are approximate)

It all just works so good!! And I have done a lot of crawling under fences,through sage and cactus,etc with it.Not a pretty rifle,it is painted with bow camo that has worn through to the gel coat,but its a tool!

IMO,if you are shooting at a heart/lung size target,not a PD,about 1x per hundred yards will do fine to place your shot.

Another point,quality of optics trumps magnification.

With a really good 10 x glass,you can see to place shots at the farthest ranges a .308 is effective.

I just do not understand putting a 22 in long 56 mm objective 2 1/2 lb scope on anything but a very specialized(limited use) rifle.

And,please folks,do not use your rifle scope for spotting scope/binoculars.When I am looking through my binoculars at some one who is checking me out with their rifle scope.......

Don't point your rifle at anything you do not intend to kill.If you are looking at me through your scope,your actions say you intend to kill me."I'm sorry" is not enough for that kind of rude and stupid.
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