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Beta Testers Wanted for new Firearm Training Software

Hi, I'm Alex from Accufire Systems, and I've made software called the Rangemaster Shooting Range Simulator. This software allows you to create a virtual shooting range in your house, provided you have a pulse laser such as a Laserlyte Trainer Cartridge.

Go to our site at to see how it works.

This software is still in the beta stage and I was wondering if any of you who have a Laserlyte Laser Cartridge or similar pulse laser would be willing to test the software out and fill out a short questionnaire, and in return get to keep the software for free.

You'll need to have a computer with Windows XP or Windows 7 and at least a dual-core CPU, a webcam to point at the target, and a Laserlyte Laser Cartridge or similar pulse laser.

If you'd like to test the software, pm me or post here with a picture of a piece of paper with your username and your pulsed laser (should work with Laserlyte Laser Cartridges, the SIRT laser, and the SureStrike dry fire laser), and I'll pm you for your address so I can mail you a kit with targets and the software.

I can give 6 copies out, so the first six people to respond will get one.

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