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Being retired, and a long time shooter (hunter, mostly) and reloader, I started way back when with a 4 power scope. Then went to a 6 power. Then went to a 3-9 and hunted with it set at 5 power. About that time in my life I started spending a lot more time at the shooting range and I felt that a 3-9 wasn't just right for that. It works, but I want more magnification without having to grab the spotting scope. My deer hunting scopes now are 4.5-14 and my varmint scopes are 6-18 and 6.5-20. While out in the back pasture, waiting for a pig or coyote, I usually have the scope set on 8 power. If I'm in the woods I usually go down to about 5 power (or 6 on that other scope). As for what I think might just be the perfect blend of magnification ranges, I like the 4.5-14 or the 4-16. And if you have the big bucks to drop on a scope, a NF or S&B 5-25 would sure make me happy. Do ya need 25 power? Hardly ever, but it's there if you want it or need it. Some will say that a big scope like that isn't pretty on a rifle. I couldn't care less. The rifle is mostly a tool and the more effective and versatile the tool is the better it can work. And...put that NF 5-25 on your rifle and I'll send you $5 every time somebody walks up to you and says "that sure is an ugly rifle and scope". What'll actually happen is that you'll have to wipe Bubba's drool off your NF scope.
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