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More powder or shorter OAL?

I'm finally starting to work up a major load for my G35. I'm using Titegroup, CCI small pistol primers and Montana Gold 180 grain JHPs. I seated a bullet to 1.17" and the bullet didn't contact rifling in the barrel. It seemed that 1.14" was about as long as I could go and not have them bind in the mags. I loaded up twenty rounds with 4.5 grain charges and 1.14" OAL and drove out and setup my chronograph. A ten round average was 904 fps. I want to get up to 925-930 fps so I can make major (917 fps) with a small amount of cushion. Would it be advisable to go to 4.6 grains and then 4.7 grains if necessary with 1.14" OAL or should I stick with 4.5 grains and try loading them to 1.13"? How much velocity might a .01" shorter OAL add? I'm concerned about pressure.

I guess my question here is which load would probably have the lowest pressure if both loads produced the same velocity? 1.13" with 4.5 grains or 1.14" with 4.7 grains?
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