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.45ACP Reloading Help..

Hello Everyone... I have been reloading .45ACP for a little bit now and have made some very accurate and reliable rounds with 4.5gr of Bullseye and 230gr RN projectiles and Winchester Primers and sizing to OAL or a 100th shorter.

However, lately I have loaded some rounds with Lead projectiles and I have had alot of failure to chamber. They get stuck in the process and im trying to figure out why. I have a suspicion they might be too long or the lead tips' wax might be binding up with the feed ramp or something. Is there anyone out there that can give me some solid advice on how to remedy this situation?

Btw.. I have this issue with bot of my 1911s (SigSauer POWMIA and Springfield 1911). My Springfield XDM45 on the other hand feeds them fine but still jams up every 15 rounds or so, still unacceptable!
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