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very cool, how many 10/22 do you own or is it just different stocks and you can exchange them?

how do you find the airsofts? they must be broken or something right because a good airsoft costs as much as a real gun (atleast here)

if you are gonna start from scratch now how about something sci-fi laser inspired?
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i just have three 10/22's that i can interchange between stocks that were retrofitted. also have a Marlin 795, Marlin XT-22 and Savage MK II that I can also interchange on specific stocks.

i just go on craigslist, ebay, airsoftforums and look for broken/used guns where the external body is in excellent condition. thats how im able to get these for a good discount.

if i have to buy new, then i just go on, airsplatcom or

yep im working on some Gundam dress up kits where theyre know for their crazy angular/sharped/squared shapes. and theyre typically longer so im excited to do these when i have some time.

theres a Alien Pulse rifle that im waiting to buy used. its already out right now, im just waiting for some kid to break theirs and sell it
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