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I have used several different power scopes over the years and have hunted in heavy woods (Minn) as well as open country Montana, Idaho, Wyo, Colo. So. Dak. This is deer hunting sized animals as well as elk, my scope of choice is the 3.5X10 Leo. I have a couple one is a 1970ish vintage. My experience has been most of the time my scope is set on 3.5 to 6 power.
With that said when shooting smaller critters I have a vast array of scopes up to 32 power seldom is that much power needed to be effective.
My new 700 XCR 25-06 is being fitted with a Ziess 3X9 just to try something different.
I know this has been beat to death but quality of glass is as important as power and in most cases more so.
I look at it like this when putting a scope on a rifle don't over kill, in other words don't put a 4X12 or 6X16 on a 30-30 it just don't make sence. (I've seen it)
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