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wncchester Anyone thinking 'die adjustment' can eliminate all chambering problems in handguns has much too little experience to listen to, no matter how long they've been reloading. (Some people have fifty years of experience, some have one year of experience they've repeated fifty times!)
OK I'll change my statemewnt. I find No use for the FCD in any of my 40 some handguns or calibers that I reload in. My 50 plus years of experience being of no consequense.

If those of you have not been able to adjust your dies to accept rounds reloaded by you and you feel the need of an additional step to accomadate your handguns, HEY, GO FOR IT.

If this offends you, and your reloading ability, thats life. Just relating my personal experience.


.356" lead bullets
After going through a Lee Carbide FCD, the bullets come out at .355" and lead like crazy.

At .356" everything is fine.
After a trip the the FCD and getting sized down to .355" on the bearing surface... it all goes to crap.

I reload the same ammo for all of them and for a few friends who have 45s. 5 of the 6 have barrels from high end barrel makers, nowlin, kart, Wilson... I load probably one of the most difficult bullets to feed for a 45, 250 gr lead flat nose. I don't use a fcd and I have no problems in any of these guns. My brass is all range brass. I use a dillon 550 and dillon dies.

If you feel it provides reliability then use it, it's an expensive die. But I have not found the need. I wouldn't go out and get it till there was a problem to solve and you exhausted other options.
Correct again!!
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